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Life Sciences Foundation

Read more about how Rapid BI worked with a Life Sciences Foundation organization to gather and track their data with pin-point accuracy.

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Financial Services & Insurance Provider

Read more about how Rapid BI supported an insurance provider in designing an integrated reporting framework.

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Cable Manufacturer

Read more about how Rapid BI assisted a global manufacturer in enhancing their financial reporting.

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Financial services

Banking, financial services and insurance industries are subject to significant regulation and they generate a great deal of data. These businesses must achieve an integrated view of data across all systems and sources in order to build relevant analysis and make decisions. At the same time, these enterprises must focus on a secure transaction environment to ensure compliance and protect confidential and private data.

To do this business users must establish and monitor appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, identify and support profitable customers, improve operations and achieve true business intelligence to understand and improve portfolio performance and predict and forecast results based on trends.

Our Financial Services BI Solutions:

  • Balance growth risks while maintaining regulatory compliance standards
  • Leverage investments in existing infrastructure by integrating data from existing sources
  • Produce BI Reports on performance, customer demographics and more
  • Provide a 360° view of risk, customer profiles, products, services, regions, sales, and marketing.
  • Enhance customer profitability, improve customer service and reduce operating costs
  • Fulfill user needs for diverse views and perspectives and provide custom support for individual roles, functions and team activities
  • Boost revenue by identifying and cross selling products
  • Improve efficiency of the overall business process and the speed and confidence of decisions
  • Increase value of investment with full insight into costs, performance and risk
  • Assist in cost control, resource allocation and operational management
  • Ensure accurate, timely decision-making with granular, enterprise-wide information, graphical displays and personalised dashboards and alerts to provide up-to-date information and simple analysis
  • Identify and take corrective measures for inefficiencies, process issues, and under performance using powerful key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
  • Calculate and adapt pricing and strategies based on accurate forecasts and trends
  • Align performance with strategy and objectives and enforce accountability

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