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Life Sciences Foundation

Read more about how Rapid BI worked with a Life Sciences Foundation organization to gather and track their data with pin-point accuracy.

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Financial Services & Insurance Provider

Read more about how Rapid BI supported an insurance provider in designing an integrated reporting framework.

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Cable Manufacturer

Read more about how Rapid BI assisted a global manufacturer in enhancing their financial reporting.

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Carefully monitoring and analyzing competitors, local, regional and international, and finding ways to optimize resources and achieve maximum productivity with minimum investment. Manufacturers combine innovative plans for growth with optimized, streamlined operations and resource allocation, sustain effective raw material inventory and avoid doing business with undependable suppliers, distributors and partners.

With our BI solutions, your users can gather and analyze information from supply chain systems, enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP), sales and marketing and customer relationship management systems, purchasing, and shipping and distribution systems to gain insight into business processes, understand and resolve issues and forecast and predict demand for resources, supplies, inventory and equipment.

BI Solutions Include:

  • Inventory Optimization –enables the user to monitor warehouse inventory and optimize capacity. Users can also track inventory-carrying costs for obsolete and slow moving inventory
  • Financial Management –facilitates budgeting, profitability and financial optimization, and enables the user to monitor performance goals using financial BI Dashboards. Users can identify problem areas and increase accountability, and management visibility
  • Production Planning and Control –provides a unified, integrated view of data from enterprise, ERP and supply chain systems to simplify reporting and analysis of production and control issues including asset, equipment and facilities management, resource and shift allocation, training, downtime, maintenance, target production and more.
  • Sales and Marketing –simple and practical management of new product development, sales and marketing campaigns and performance by product, SKU, category, region, team, campaign and plan vs. actual results.
  • Supply Chain Management –enables users to evaluate supply chain activities, and maximize vendor performance without compromising quality.
  • Enterprise Data Integration –information is integrated from numerous sources and presented in a unified view. When combined with powerful analytics and highly customizable personalized BI reporting, users can develop reports and analyze data for presentation, compliance reporting and collaboration and problem solving.
  • Operational Performance Management –enables the organization to establish and meet goals and track progress using a large volume of information, integrated from numerous enterprise systems and sources.
  • Profitability Management –helps users to evaluate risk trends and forecast profitability with dependable data.

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