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Industrial Code Box

Industrial CodeBox specializes in the design and development of desktop and web based applications, with particular expertise and experience in integrating QlikView search and analysis functionality into these solutions.

We are proud to announce that we are official partners of Industrial CodeBox. Through this partnership we are able to offer valuable Qlikview Add-Ons that can enhance the capabilities of BI solutions for our clients. Industrial CodeBox creates QlikView Add-Ons such as:


Social Blindness

Some companies use social media simply because everyone else is, but without being able to measure performance...

  • are you using it effectively?
  • are you doing better than last month?
  • how are your competitors doing?

These are important questions, because although social media platforms tend to be free, there is a cost to manage them and a cost for when it goes wrong!

So companies need a social media strategy!

QVSource is the fastest, easiest way to connect QlikView to the world of social media and business APIs and other 'difficult to load sources'. QVSource already has connectors for a large number of APIs including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Spreadsheets, Google Analytics, OData and many many more.

QVSource can help achieve 360° Business Intelligence, by bringing data in from external data sources, such as Google Analytics, Facebook or Freshbooks, and enabling you to mix it with your own internal data to give a complete, holistic view of your organisation.

Here are the Top 10 benefits for using QVSource with QlikView

  1. You have the power of QlikView to analyse data, extending your investment.
  2. Use several connectors to get 360° Business Intelligence.
  3. Saves time having to go to each individual system.
  4. You are able to view several charts at once and drill down to areas of interest.
  5. Enrich your data further with, say Sentiment analysis.
  6. Create/set your own benchmarks and KPIs that are relevant to your business.
  7. The data can form parts of another dashboards such as management packs.
  8. You can view data offline.
  9. Set reload schedules to automatically and consistently fetch data.
  10. Allows you to get a better perspective on what's going on.

Case Study from ICB: Client - Cheezburger

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