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Pricing & licenses

We can assist you in finding the right licensing solution which will fit your requirements and which can grow flexibly as your solution expands. To learn more about QlikView pricing and types of licenses available, please email rapidbi@Rapid-BI.com 

Try our QlikView price calculator below to get a feel of what your solution may need:

QLIKVIEW Price Calculator

QlikView has also published its pricing lists for its software which can be found below:

QlikView Software and Services Price List (as of February 2012)

Below is the recommended QlikView list price in CAD. This pricing is based on single-unit pricing, and does not account for volume discounting or taxes. QlikTech markets its products around the world and regional pricing may vary. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

QlikView Client License Pricing
Personal Edition (individual use only) Free
Named User License $1,395 per named user
Document License3 $360 per named user, per document
Concurrent License $15,495 per concurrent user
QlikView Server License Pricing
Enterprise Edition Server $36,150 per server
Small Business Edition Server
(up to 25 named users)
$8,675 per server
Test Servers 50% of server license price
QlikView Publisher 4 $21,700 per server
PDF Report Distribution Service $21,700 per server
Connector to SAP NetWeaver® $22,500 per server
Connector to Salesforce.com Free
Connector to Informatica Free
QlikView Extranet Solutions
Extranet Server $18,600 per server
Extranet Server Concurrent License $3,100
Other Products
Information Access Server
(Unlimited public access to one QlikView document)
QlikView Workbench 5 $4,350 per server
Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint $4,350 per server
  • Document License allows one named user to access one QlikView document.
  • QlikView Publisher is an add-on to the server, providing additional data reload, distribution, and management capabilities
  • QlikView Workbench is a visual development add-on to Microsoft Visual Studio® for creating web mash-ups with QlikView

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