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At Rapid BI, we are no stranger to solving complex issues and deploying enterprise solutions to small and large companies alike. Our strategic business intelligence solutions drive performance by empowering decision makers across the business. Our clients experience a 186% return on investment on their BI solutions as well as streamlined operations and increased margins.

Financial services

Discover and capitalize on new business opportunities, raise effectiveness of risk and exposure management, gain transaction visibility and optimize processing life cycles. also, streamline processes and ensure compliance, maximize investment returns and reduce operational costs.


Optimize claims processing and service, improve loss control, empower underwriting with visibility into policies, premiums, and loss ratios. better assess risk and policy portfolio exposures across the business. enable agents to quickly understand performance and ensure regulatory compliance.


Which areas of your firm are generating the most profit? which areas are at a loss? with bi analytics firms can analyze financial and client data and trends with scalable metrics such as: cost of sales, client discounts, profitability by matter type, what-if scenarios and more.


Real time visibility across the entire value chain so you can make business decisions faster, collaborate better with partners and key customers, identify competitors, optimize your resources and improve business agility for intelligent, demand-driven manufacturing.

Consumer packaged goods

Market to customers more intimately and effectively. collaborate with suppliers transparently, analyze and reduce fixed physical costs, monitor and respond quickly to fluctuating variable costs. empower front-line staff to anticipate and resolve customer needs.

Life sciences

Make faster, better business and clinical decisions. shorten discovery to commercialization product cycles. improve physician feedback to manufacturersad reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance.

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