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QlikView Product Tour

Whether you're new to QlikView or want an update on the latest features, this Product Tour video provides an engaging visual introduction to Business Discovery, and the superior functionality, ease-of-use, and visual impact of QlikView.

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QlikView Demo Apps

QlikView demos are an excellent introduction into how QlikView enables business discovery.

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Mobile Minute Video: Information Foraging

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Mobile Minute Video: Catching the Wave

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Mobile Minute Video: Don't Leave Home Without It

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Tips & tricks

Rapid BI draws from a well of best practices compiled by our consultants, technical architects and from QlikView which enables us to improve our service offerings to customers.

You can find a host of white papers, advanced tips, methodologies and best practices related to QlikView, corporate performance management, application development, data quality management and ETL (extract, transform, load). Enjoy!

New to QlikView

Beginner How-to Videos:

Create a Button ObjectCreating Your First Chart
Load Data From Excel

Create a Text ObjectAdjust Chart Properties
Multiple Dimensions

Mobile Minute Videos by QlikTech:

Whitepapers: is the term being used to describe the next release.  In this presentation you'll find 5 core themes that will be part of QlikView's DNA going forward.  There is significant reinvestment being made in R&D with the platform so I'm quite excited to hear how these themes break down into interesting features and functions that further enhance the value proposition which BI platforms provide.

QlikView Reference Manual

QlikView 11 FAQ & Product Overview

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